2015, U10 Art Space, Kosovske devojke 3, Belgrade

In the theater of the past that is constituted by memories, the stage setting maintains the characters in their dominant roles. – Gaston Bachelard

Deep Landscapes, like a certain landscape, are spaces of our memory or fragmented ,,sceneries’’ of the memory. These particular memories are calm, warm, dreamy, and occasionally disturbing. They are as wide as infinite spaces of intimacy. In them we daydream, picture things, float through them and explore them with our senses. Hues of imagination guard that space. These deep landscapes are materialized through the image of the spaces of our memory. The exhibition presents a work that uses a photo found in a family album from 1938 titled Deep Landscape. Deep Landscape embodies persons part of the deeper family mosaic, which stems from deep-seated family memories, placed in the context of the landscape.

Other works: Past, House, Room, and Ancestral Forest (Prokletije) come into existence as fragments and scenes which sum up the experience of the intimate scape. J.M